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THE SQUEAKY CLEAN- New Wimbledon Theatre 2013

Ruth supports the family with a phone sex job, following her accountant husband Martin's redundancy. Ruth takes the money and enjoys it until a client wants to talk about a personal tragedy, and she is reminded of a ghost from her past.

The script is well structured; it is a good representation of the average English family. Roger Goldsmith, writer, had recognition already for his work and here he proves good quality writing. The Squeaky Clean seems to be already prepared to be played on TV or film. - David Franchi, Remote Goat

What Roger Goldsmith's latest work sets out to prove is that everyone's harbouring the odd skeleton, fear or insecurity. Where better to have such drama pan out than in the family home? Characters often fly off the handle without any real warning, or confess deep truths to one another in throwaway moments. Ultimately, however, it's a job well-done: a faithful representation of a multi-layered text. At times hilarious, at others devastatingly sad, it's well worth a look. - Zoe Apostolides, Wimbledon Guardian

Local Guardian Review- Squeaky Clean

Counting the Days- Barons Court 2013

Fran told her school friend Zoe she was pregnant and having a relationship with an older man. Len. Zoe's Dad. Truths of the family are uncovered as they wait for news following Fran's attempted suicide.

BROTHERLY LOVE- Barons Court 2013

When they were young Daniel told his sister Becky he would never love anyone like her. As they get older his love increases and becomes obsessively unhealthy.

BLACKOUT- Barons Court 2013

Rob meets Cheryl in a pub and brings her home. His grandad sits listening to the news on the radio and tells stories of people who die. Does Cheryl's decision to stay the night or not with Rob prove fateful?

IT STARTED WITH A TOUCH- Wimbledon & Barons Court 2011

When Caroline Long witnesses her drunken son Steven assaulting an innocent man outside of a London pub, she is forced to make a difficult decision. Does she walk away and pretend she did not see it? Or follow her conscience and 'do the right thing' and report it to the police? And how will her East End 'family is all' husband Michael react? Caroline's decision has dramatic repercussions on her life and the lives of the people around her.

'It Started With A Touch' is greatly written and I must mention the writer Roger Goldsmith whose decisive piece hit all the right notes. His ingenious use of sarcastic and witty dialogue mixed with emotional and harrowing scenes is amazing.' - Remote Goat

"A Corrupted Tale of Redemption"-

"Goldsmith writes for our time"

Remote Goat Review

BLACKBERRY STAINS-One-Eyed Dog films 2010

"Blackberry Stains" - clip from Rob Wilton - Cinematographer on Vimeo.

28th Annual GOLDIE FILM AWARDS Winner-"for the innovative and excellent short film"

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WHITE MEAT- The Groundlings, Portsmouth 2010

'Both the young and old were heard roaring with laughter as the comedy provided a range of funny, and sometimes crude moments, that left the audience feeling upbeat and happy as they strolled out of the theatre.'- Remote Goat

"Get your teeth into this comedy"- Mike Allen- The News, Portsmouth

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SNAPSHOTS/MATERIAL THINGS- The Bootleg Theatre, Portsmouth 2010


'The play created a beautifully uncomfortable insight into the lives of the characters and featured the most refreshingly honest sofa based monologue I think I've ever heard.'

"a well written insight into two extremely different days and led neatly into the highlight of the event"- Sue Watts-Bootleg, Portsmouth